Our Facilities


A hospital that does not feel like a hospital.

A resort-style medical experience

Typical healthcare institutions can instil confusion and anxiety for patients moving through the system. Put simply, big hospitals and brands are out of touch, and they do not understand patients as well as they could, or should.

Now, think again. Our facilities will not look like the old-school hospital approach, because that is exactly what we do not want to be. Instead, we offer a resort-style medical experience, which will break the mould.

Everyday efficiency and atmosphere

At heart, ours is a ‘human approach’. We know that a tranquil, more relaxed environment can contribute to better wellbeing and wellness, but it must also operate with the efficiency and atmosphere often found in the best treatment centres. That is why our smooth admission process is open and friendly, and we only use state-of-the-art equipment. When patients feel comfortable, they recover faster. And with our focus on short stays, we believe all of this will make the difference.

A tranquil in-patient experience where details matter.

  • Spacious common areas and smooth check-in
  • Ambient lighting and warm, natural materials including timber
  • Open forecourts with oversized windows and glass atriums flooded with natural sunlight
  • Excellent air ventilation
  • Soft, organic furnishings and a mix of furniture layouts
  • Abundant greenery including garden surroundings, lush plantings
  • Outlooks to neighbouring lakes wherever possible
  • Patient rooms with hotel quality linen, catering, toiletries and entertainment
  • Healthy and high-quality food outlets for all tastes

Our Facilities

Doreen, Victoria

A high-growth population area, with inadequate medical access.

Ours is a 'human-centric' approach; we know that a tranquil, more relaxed environment can contribute to better wellbeing and wellness.