About Avant Garde


Avant Garde Health is pioneering a revolutionary approach to healthcare in Australia.

We invite you to be a part of it

We are pioneering a new hybrid model that will disrupt the current system, bridging the gap between public and private health and opening the door to a new way of working.

What this simply means is that patients do not need private health insurance and can access specialist health care at a fraction of the cost of a private hospital. Our model is to relieve the public waitlists and provide an alternative for patients within our current health system. We believe healthcare is a universal right. But good healthcare needs to do more. It must be available, holistic and above all, affordable, to create tangible and intangible outcomes for the patients who need it most.

For us, this is personal. We knew there was a better way to meet a very real need in our expanding communities, and we have delivered it through holistic health, creating better outcomes for everyone.

It is from the heart, and it is here.

The first healthcare centre will be located in Doreen, one of Victoria’s key growth corridors, in the City of Whittlesea.
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Why choose Avant Garde Health

As you know, our health industry is far from healthy. The statistics tell the story.

Fact #1

There is often more than 50,000 people on Victoria’s public specialist wait lists.

Fact #2

Some patients will wait more than four years to see a public hospital specialist.

Fact #3

Same day hospitalisations are up by an average of 3.8% per year, outpacing population growth.